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Corruption poses a threat to Nigeria — Buhari

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By Usman Oladimeji

Buhari pledged novel approaches to funding major agencies and initiatives.

Considering the fact that Corruption persists as an existential threat to all nations, President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed his desire for the new administration to keep up his administration’s efforts at curbing corruption in the country. The President made the remark at the State House in Abuja while hosting the Management of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, led by Chairman Danladi Yakubu Umar. He underscored the Code of Conduct Tribunal’s contribution to the battle against corruption during the last seven years, labelling it a significant resource.

According to Buhari, the government relies on these types of frontier agencies to demonstrate its effort and to reiterate its commitment to combatting corruption in all forms. He recognized the efforts of the Code of Conduct Tribunal and other institutions in the context of a challenging Economy and Revenue deficits. As a means to this objective, he pledges novel approaches to funding for major agencies and essential service initiatives. Earlier in his statements, the Chairman of the Tribunal praised the Buhari government for its curative impact on several fronts, including Infrastructure growth, agricultural output, and access to basic social amenities.

MSMEs particularly would benefit from the Act to some degree.

The President further emphasized the importance of a thriving and successful SME sector to the economy’s overall growth and employment creation. This, he claimed, supported his recent passage of the Business Facilitation Bill. Prior to this meeting, Buhari hosted the Governing Council and members of the Institute of Directors (IoD), where he boasted about the measures taken by his administration to ensure the continued success of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) despite the challenges posed by a variety of external stuns.

He voiced his optimism that the Act would contribute to some degree to improving the climate in which businesses are operated, particularly for the MSMEs. Note that the Bill was designed to alleviate several restraints for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. While congratulating the institute on reaching the milestone of 40 years, President Buhari also made notice of its dedication to the development of the country and emphasized the need to maintain high standards of ethics in business.

Stakeholders should acknowledge the institute’s laudable contribution.

As the President noted, this is a proud moment for the institute and the whole country as it demonstrates the institution’s commitment to the goals of enhanced corporate governance, ethical business practices, improved corporate governance, and transparency. This, he urged stakeholders to acknowledge the institute’s laudable contribution to offering development aid. To him, these values serve as vital support structures in the Private Sector and are equally essential to achieving desired outcomes in governing the Public Sector.

Moreover, as the nation’s economy and private sector expand and evolve, all stakeholders should acknowledge that such a resourceful institution exists, prepared and capable of supporting and developing the country, Buhari noted. President and Chairman Dr. Ije Jidenma, the Governing Council and the Institute of Directors, who led the delegation, said that in light of the reforms implemented across the board in the Nigerian economy over the past eight years, higher standards had been set for the actions of the country’s corporate executives and public-sector boards.

The institute had obtained an understanding towards becoming Chartered.

President of the Council said, this places the institute in a strong position to continue playing a leading role in ensuring that these Directors have the proper orientation and capacity development to carry out their assigned responsibilities. She noted that the institute had obtained an understanding of areas that required additional effort towards becoming ‘Chartered’. The President passed the Bill following a consultation and an interface with the National Parliament and key stakeholders, she added.


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