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Corruption in the Nigerian health sector has many faces.

Corruption in the Nigerian health sector has many faces.

Redacted article courtesy of – The Conversation

Countries plagued by corruption can attest to the fact that, once it becomes entrenched, it can be found in all sectors of an economy. But in low and middle income countries the health sector is particularly vulnerable, according to Transparency International. This is because competence and integrity are undermined by poor working conditions and weak systems.

This rings true for Nigeria. The challenge is that there’s no clarity on what constitutes corruption in the country’s health sector or the different ways in which it manifests.

In many instances, practices that should be considered corrupt – like offering bribes and diverting patients to their private practises – are accepted as normal. And it’s difficult for researchers and policymakers to agree on what corruption is – and how to tackle it – given that measures designed to stop it from happening don’t distinguish between illicit practices, corruption and poor governance.

Link to full article:    https://theconversation.com/corruption-in-the-nigerian-health-sector-has-many-faces-how-to-fix-it-99043

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